Very Underprepared in the Feeling Festive

Christmas has barely touched me yet. Except for two preparations:

Sloe Schnapps (don’t let the Cork Dry Gin bottles fool you)  and the Christmas Cake.

This is how they currently look.  Tomorrow, I must write the Christmas letter :-(

Come back every few days to see if, and how, my Chrimbo preparations  have progresses….photo photo[1]

Moving on a little. Still no inspiration for the Christmas letter but the cake is developing slowly. The plan, in my head, is to make the cake look like a wrapped Christmas present with a bow…

…Hmm, let’s hope it 1
photo 2[1]

photo 2

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About Jessica Milln

Single life was full of many great and adventurous ambitions. The offspring curtailed all that. Thankfully, living in Cornwall keeps me chilled.


  1. Leanne Rain

    oh I love Christmas cake!!! you’ve got further ahead than me… im yet to even think about the xmas cake, although I think I may of left it a little too late :/ ooppps haha. But ive got the alcohol in though (priorities lol)

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